The Vox 7120 De Luxe Treble Amplifier (1966)

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The 1966 JMI Vox catalog and price list offered two speaker options for the 7120 head.

The first option was the 7120 Treble. It utilized a single, horizontally oriented enclosure equipped with four 25 watt Celestion T.1225 speakers and two Goodmans Midax horns. The complete amp, including head, cabinet and trolley, was offered in the 1966 price list for £300.

JMI also offered the 7120 DeLuxe Treble. It included two 16 ohm enclosures, each equipped with two 25 watt 12" T.1225 speakers and two ten watt 10" 7442 Celestion speakers. The 7120 DeLuxe Treble sold for £315 in the 1966 Vox price list.

This 2x12" and 2x10" enclosure was also offered individually with the UL760 amplifier.

JMI suggested that the 7120 DeLuxe Treble cabinets could be split and used at either ends of the stage. However, the 7120 DeLuxe Treble was pictured in the 1966 catalog with a towering dual cabinet trolley.

To my knowledge, these trolleys never made it beyond a photo in the 1966 Vox Catalog. The center of gravity was too high for the narrow 14" depth of the trolley base. The dual cabinet trolley made the 7120 DeLuxe Treble dangerously top heavy and unstable.

Some years ago, North Coast Music recreated a few of these dual trolleys. The photos of the 7120 DeLuxe Treble at the top of this page feature one of these reissue trolleys and two original Vox 760 cabinets.


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