The Vox Defiant Speaker Cabinet

The Vox Defiant speaker cabinet has two 12" 25 watt Goodmans ceramic magnet speakers and a Goodmans Midax horn with cross over.

The original Defiant cabinets were constructed of 3/4" thirteen ply baltic birch and had removable baffle panels that were secured with machine bolts. The three removable back panels are made of 3/8" five ply baltic birch.

Some later versions of the Defiant speaker cabinet were constructed of particle board.

The total impedance of the Defiant enclosure is 15 ohms. The speaker output jack of the Defiant head states "15 ohms," but in reality the output transformerless (OTL) circuitry used in the Defiant head will accept any impedance from 4 to 16 ohms.

It is somewhat curious that Vox included a Goodmans Midax horn in the Defiant speaker cabinet. Vox originally included these horns in the speaker systems for the AC-100 and AC-50 tube amp heads because these heads did not have much treble. The Defiant had no lack of treble, and probably would not need horns. As the Defiant was the British version of the American Vox Royal Guardsman, and the Royal Guardsman had a Midax horn, the Defiant did as well.

The JMI  Vox Defiant speaker cabinet pictured at left had a schematic for wiring the cabinet, horn, and crossover on the left inside panel of the enclosure. See an image of that schematic at left.

Two pin Vox corners were used on both the head and speaker cabinets.


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