Domino Piggy Back Bass Amplifier (1964 - 65)

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The "Domino" series of guitar and bass amplifiers were entry level products first introduced by Jennings Musical Industries (JMI), the parent company of Vox, in 1963. JMI targeted their affordably priced Domino amplifiers toward students, beginners or those on a budget. While lacking the sophisticated appearance of their Vox counterparts, JMI often adapted a simplified version of classic Vox circuitry into their Domino amplifiers.

The amplifier section of the Domino piggy back bass amp was derived from the circuitry of the Vox AC-4 combo amp. Like the AC-4, the Domino bass amp chassis featured a four watt RMS output stage powered by a single ended EL84 tube. However, the Domino amp did not include the tremolo circuitry included in the AC-4. The black, silk screened Domino control panel included two 1/4" inputs, a voltage selector, an indicator lamp, a volume control and a tone control that also served as a power switch.

The cabinets were covered in smooth black vinyl with tan colored "Tygon" grill. The speaker cabinet featured a "Domino" nameplate that used a cursive font reminiscent of the Fender logo. Black luggage style swivel handles were mounted to both the head and the speaker enclosure. A "BASS" flag was mounted to the center of the amp head.

The open backed speaker utilized a Fane 122/16 12" 15 ohm speaker. This was the same speaker that Vox fitted into T.100 and T.60 enclosures in 1963. The Fane 122/16 was rated at 20 watts RMS.

JMI Domino Piggy Back Bass Amp

Output Power: 4 watts
Tube Complement: 1-ECC83, 1-EL84, 1-EZ80
Control Panel: two inputs,
one volume control
one tone control

one indicator light
one voltage selector
Speaker: Fane 122/16 12" 20 watts RMS, 15 ohms
Size: Head: 6.5" H x 16" W x 6.5" D
Speaker: 17" H x 22" W x 9" D
Price: £31/10/0 (from the 2/1964 JMI Vox Price List)


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