JMI Vox LS.15 PA Columns
Thomas Vox V122 Grenadier V PA Columns

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The LS.15 was a small 15 watt PA column produced by Jennings Musical Industries, the parent company of Vox in the UK. The LS.15 appeared in British Vox catalogs and price lists from February 1964 through mid 1968.

The LS.15 was renamed the "Grenadier V" for the US marketplace by Thomas Organ, the US distributor of Vox. It made appearances in the 1965, 1966 and 1967 US Vox catalogs and price lists.

The LS.15 featured five 5" Elac speakers with "pin cushion" frames. These speakers were rated at 3 watts RMS and 3 ohms impedance. They were wired in series to yield a 15 ohm cabinet impedance as highlighted in the terminal junction photo at right.

In his book "Vox Amplifiers - The JMI Years," author Jim Elyea reported that back in the sixties, Ringo Starr was rumored to have used a pair of LS.15 columns with his home hi-fi.

The Vox LS.15 included a set of wall hanging brackets.

Specifications - LS.15 / Grenadier V Columns
Cabinet Power Rating
15 watts RMS
Cabinet Impedance
15 ohms
Five 5" Elac, 3Ω, 3 watt RMS
Single ¼" Jack
30" H x 8" W x 6" D
Wall mounting brackets
LS.15 retail price (UK-1964)
£26 50s each
Grenadier V retail price (US-1966)
$99.90 each

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