Vox Mini Superbeetle Amplifier - 2018

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Released in 2018, the Vox Mini Superbeetle paid tribute to two of the most iconic amplifiers produced during the 1960s, the JMI Vox AC-100 Super Deluxe and the Thomas Vox Super Beatle. Like the Vox AC-100 Super Deluxe, the Mini Superbeetle featured a chrome stand and single channel amp head housed in a rectangular cabinet. The vertical Vox logo installed on the Mini Superbeetle speaker cabinet was similar to the logo installed by Thomas Organ on a Super Beatle. While both the AC-100 and Super Beatle were over 55" tall, the Mini Superbeetle measured just 23½" in height.

The mostly solid-state amp Mini Superbeetle head featured a tremolo circuit powered by a modern version of the classic 12AX7 vacuum tube, the Korg "Nutube." It utilized new, maintenance-free technologies derived from the flourescent displays used on Korg keyboards. It allows the Nutube 6P1 to perform the same functions as a traditional 12AX7 vacuum tube.

In addition to Volume, Treble, Bass and Gain controls, the Mini Superbeetle also included a digital reverb circuit.

The Mini Superbeetle head incorporated the Class D solid-state power amplifier section originally designed for the Vox MV Series of mini amp heads. This power amp design was capable of delivering 50 watts RMS into a four ohm load. With an 8 ohm load, such as the Mini Superbeetle cabinet, the head produced 25 watts. The head produced 12½ watts RMS with a 16 ohm load.

The open backed Mini Superbeetle speaker cabinet featured one 8 ohm 10" Celestion speaker rated at 50 watts RMS. The speaker cabinet also included a non-swivelling chrome plated stand.

Official Vox Mini Superbeetle promotional video clip, used by permission of Vox Amplification

Vox Mini Superbeetle Amplifier
Audio Output: 50 watts RMS @ 4 ohms
25 watts RMS @ 8 ohms
12.5 watt RMS @ 16 ohms
Tube: 1 - Nutube 6P1 dual triode
Speaker: 1 - 10" 50 watt Celestion, 8 ohms
Effects: Digital Reverb and Nutube driven Tremolo
AC Adaptor: 19 VDC, 3.42A, External
Dimensions: ~12.7" x ~7.09" x ~23.5"
Weight: ~19.2 lbs.


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