The Vox Supreme - Control Panel and Preamp Features

Looking at the control panel and features, it was obvious how much design influence Thomas Organ was exerting at JMI Vox in the UK. Just like its counterpart in America, the Super Beatle, the Supreme had a normal and brilliant channel, switchable reverb, tremolo, MRB, and distortion (fuzz tone). Even the control panel graphics and knobs looked like the American Vox amps.

Just like the American Vox Super Beatle, the Normal Channel on the Vox Supreme has Volume, Treble, and Bass controls, along with a Top Boost rocker switch.
Again mirroring the American Vox Super Beatle, the Brilliant channel on the Vox Supreme has Volume, Treble, and Bass controls, along with a Mid Boost (MRB) rocker switch.
The Tremolo controls are located on the left vertical portion of the control panel. Tremolo was in the Normal channel only.
Reverb was selectable between either chanel, again, just like the American Vox Super Beatle.
A three position rotary MRB selector switch and a distortion intensity control completes the controls on the Supreme.
Even the red "Mains" and green "Standby" indicator lamps were inspired by the US Vox amps.


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