The Vox Traveller Amplifier 1967 - 1968

The Traveller was one of the five Vox solid
state guitar amplifiers introduced by Jennings Musical Industries in the summer of 1967. Other models in this series of guitar amps included the Supreme, Defiant, Conqueror and Virtuoso. Three solid state bass amplifiers were also introduced: the Dynamic Bass, Foundation Bass and the Super Foundation Bass.

The single channel Traveller amp was rated by Vox at 10 watts RMS, 20 watts peak. I would consider the Traveller to be an "entry level" or "student" model. It was the successor to the all tube AC-10 and the UL 710 "hybrid" amp.

The Traveller is offered in the 1967 - 1968 amplifier catalog. The 1969 Vox amplifier catalog entitled "The Guv'nors" includes no mention of the Traveller.

The single channel, dual input Vox Traveller did not share the full featured modular preamp and control section used in the Virtuoso, Conqueror, Defiant or Supreme amplifiers. By comparison, the Traveller was a simple amp, having only Volume, Treble, Bass, Tremolo Speed and Tremolo Depth controls along with a "Top Boost" switch. A single button "egg" foot switch to control the tremolo was hard wired to the chassis.

The control panel graphics, layout and features were reminiscent of the solid state Vox Pacemaker amplifier produced by Thomas Organ.

The 10 watt RMS power amp was powered with two 40312 silicon power transistors in a TO-66 case. A suitable replacement for this transistor is the NTE175, available from NTE Electronics.

The Traveller featured an open back enclosure similar in size to the AC-10 and was equipped with one 16 ohm 10" Elac speaker rated at 10 watts. No provision was included for an extension speaker.

The 1967 UK retail price for the Traveller was 67 pounds.


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