The V301E Continental Organ - Power Supply

The power supply is mounted inside a shielded metal case mounted towards the front of the organ.

One side of the power supply is exposed through the front face of the organ. AC input and audio output connections along with a fuse holder are located there.

The power supply is rerained by four threaded studs that protrude from the bottom of the organ case. Nuts and lock washers secure the power supply over these threaded studs. The electrical connection to the organ is made through an eight pin "octal" style plug.

The purpose of the V301E power supply is to convert the input voltage (120 Volts AC) to -8.2 volts DC. To accomplish this, the V301E power supply has a step down transformer, a diode bridge, "smoothing" or filter capacitors, a regulating transistor to remove any AC ripple left by the filter capacitors, and lastly, a zener diode to precisely establish the final, or "B+" voltage.

A small .5 amp Slo Blo fuse protects the organ and power supply from shorted components.

You might wish to purchase a copy of the Vox V301 schematic to help you repair its power supply, Parts values for all capacitors, resistors, and diodes are included in this schematic. Click here to purchase this from North Coast Music.


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