The V303J Continental II - Bass Keys and Foot Clavier

The bass divider board is located on the inside bottom of the organ case,
under the tone generator mounting board and along side the power supply.

The plug from the optional foot clavier connects to this multi conductor
connector on the bottom of the V303J Continental II Organ. The slide
switch allows you to assign the bass tones to either the bottom octave
of the lower manual of the organ or to the optional foot clavier.

The optional Vox foot clavier for the Continental II organ
The V303J Vox Continental II featured a section of bass keys in the bottom octave of the lower manual. The V303J also offered an optional foot clavier, or floor bass pedals.

Unlike the Vox Jaguar Organ, which has a similar octave of bass keys with white naturals and black sharps, the bass keys in the Super Continental maintain the standard "black for naturals, white for sharps" Continental color format.

Two drawbars controlled the volume of the bass keys. The left "~" drawbar had a "flute" tone and the right "M" drawbar had a "reed" tone. In addition to the drawbars, a switch on the control panel allowed the selection of a 16' (lower) or 8' (higher) bass tone. It also included a"Bass Sustain" control. This rotary control adjusted how long the bass key sustained after release. By increasing the control, the tone sustained briefly as the volume of the note decayed, simulating the effect of a string bass after playing the string.

It was possible to play and combine the standard or "treble" pitched Continental tones with the bass keys simultaneously. If one played a "C" chord in the first octave, and all the lower manual drawbars were pulled out, you would hear both the chord and the bass note as well. However, the bass keys were "mono." If two bass keys were played simultaneously, only the lower bass key would sound.

The tone for the bass keys orginates in the tone generators. In the picture at lower left, a red arrow points to the resistor that is used as a connecting pin for the bass keys. A wire in the bass wiring harness solders to this resistor to supply the output of the fifth divider on the tone generator to the bass divider circuit board.


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