The V304 Jaguar Organ - Removable Chrome Stand and Carrying Case

The Jaguar was loaded with unique Continental Organ styling cues. The reverse color keys and orange top made this organ unmistakenly a Vox product. However, the unique chrome plated "Z" stand may have been the most distinctive feature of the Continental Organ.

The stand is affixed to the organ using eight threaded wing bolts. I have found that the easiest way to assemble the stand is to lay the organ upside down on the closed lid and partially thread six wingbolts into threaded body recepticles. Next I slide the "Z" legs into place and tighten the wing bolts. Then the flat front braces are connected to the ends of the drawbars and to the front body of the organ. Tighten the wing bolts and turn the organ over.

A slender carrying case for the leg set and volume pedal was included. It was covered in the same dark gray vinyl as the organ. Vinyl straps restrained the legs and volume pedal for transport.


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