Vox Ampliphonic Woodwind and Brass Amplifiable Instruments

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This Ampliphonic clarinet has a plastic body that was engraved with the Vox logo on both the bell and on the body. The removable silver button located near the mouthpiece covers the port used to attach an audio pickup to the instrument.

My thanks to Steve Wells for taking time out of his busy Saturday afternoon to allow me to take photos of his clarinet.

Thomas Organ sourced this Vox private label sax from Beaugnier in France. It is my understanding that Beaugnier is a wholly owned subsidiary of Leblanc, a famous US manufacturer of wood wind instruments. This Vox sax model was essentially a Vito "Duke" Jazz - Model 39 horn.

The picture below shows the location of the port, near the mouth piece, used to mount the audio pickup to the instrument.

My thanks to Kim at www.doctorsax.biz for the great Vox sax pictures.

Here is an example of a Vox Amplihonic cornet. Like the other horns in the Vox Ampliphonic line, this cornet included a port, this time located in the bell of the instrument, used to mount an audio pickup.

The pickup allowed the trumpet to be connected to either the Octavoice II or Stereo Multi Voice effects processors or to one of the three models of powered music stands offered in the Vox Ampliphonic product line.

Vox had high expectations for the Ampliphonic product line, but sales were quite disappointing. Whirlpool, the parent company of Thomas Organ, was so displeased with the costly failure of the Ampliphonic line that it brought on the termination of Joe Benaron, the president of Thomas Organ.


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