Close-up: VOX One Pin Corners

two views of the "one pin" corner

"two pin" corner

The corner used on US Vox amps was manufactured by Rean, a injection plastic parts manufacturer based in London. At left is a picture of the original corner made for Vox for UK (and later for US) Vox amp production. It was made of black plastic and was fastened with two screws on the sides of the cabinet and one nail (or "pin") in the front. The rounded front face of the corner required that Vox cabinets had an inside rounded "cove" of wood in the area where the pin was installed. Without this piece of wood, the front edge of the corner would overlap the front edge of the cabinet.

By 1967, the new owners of JMI (UK) Vox, the Royston Group, decided that they wanted to drop the step of adding the rounded inner cove on Vox cabinetry. A convex shape was cut out of the front face of the corner, and holes for two "pins" were added. This became the corner that Vox would use on its amps through about 2004.

In 1998, Rean decided to cease production of the "two pin" corner. Both Marshall Amplifiers PLC and North Coast Music contacted Rean in London asking if Rean would sell the injection mold to them. To recreate such a mold new, would cost upwards of $15,000. North Coast Music won the bid and the British made mold was shipped to the US.

As mentioned above, this mold had been modified in 1967 so that it produced four "two pin" corners per operating cycle. At an additional expense of $4,000, North Coast Music had the injection mold reworked so that it could also produce "one pin" corners as well. Marshall purchased the "two pin" corners from North Coast Music for their production of the AC-30TB and AC30TBX for Vox until the model was discountinued in 2004. The original "one pin" and "two pin" corner for Vox amps is sold as a repair part at North Coast Music.

Both the original "one pin" and "two pin" corners are produced in the US by, and available exclusively at North Coast Music. Click here to go to the North Coast Music web page that offers this Vox corner.


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