Vox Orbiter Music Stand Amplifier Chassis
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Chassis: Vox Ampliphonic Orbiter Music Stand

Chassis: Vox Berkeley III Amp Head

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The Vox Orbiter amplified music stand was introduced in late 1967 as part of the Vox Ampliphonic product line.

Shared Chassis with the Berkeley III
Thomas Organ rolled out a completely redesigned circuit for the solid state Berkeley guitar amplifier in January 1968. Now a two channel amp, the V1083 Berkeley III offered increased utility over the single channel V1081 Berkeley II it replaced. While the prior Berkeley II model was rated at 18 watts RMS, the Berkeley III utilized a revised power amp circuit that increased output power to 32 watts RMS. The V1083 Berkeley III also added a tone generator that generated a "E" reference tone for guitar tuning. The V1081 Berkeley II and V1083 both featured a three button foot switch to remotely control reverb, tremolo and mid range boost functions. Click here for more information on the V1083 Berkeley III chassis.

With the slightest of modifications, Thomas Organ adapted the Berkeley III chassis to power the Vox Ampliphonic Orbiter music stand. It appears there may be only three differences between the Berkeley III and Vox Orbiter chassis. Perhaps most obvious is the Orbiter's turqouise control panel. The Berkeley III "E Tuner" was recalibrated to produce an "A" reference tone to better suit tuning wind instruments. Finally, the Orbiter's three button remote foot switch added indicator lamps for the reverb, tremolo and mid boost effects. This required that a connection to the 28 VDC supply be added to the chassis mounted foot switch connector to power the lamps.

Like the Berkeley III, The Vox Orbiter music stand included two 10" "Gold Bulldog" speakers made for Thomas Organ by the Oxford Speaker Company of Chicago IL.


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