V116 Vox Scorpion Amplifier

The V116 Vox Scorpion combo amplifier was introduced in
1968 by the Vox division of the Thomas Organ Company of Sepulveda California. It was constructed from a combination of parts and subassemblies from pre-existing Thomas Vox amplifiers.

The basic external dimensions of the amp show that the Scorpion cabinet was derived from the closed back version of Royal Guardsman speaker cabinet. The cabinet was constructed of 3/4" particle board.

Removable casters were fitted to the bottom of the cabinet. No trolley was available for this model. The cabinet had a closed back.

Unlike the Royal Guardsman, the Scorpion cabinet had a full front grill. It included four 10" 4 ohm Vox Gold Bulldogs with ceramic (or ferrite) magnets. speakers, wired in series/parallel to yield a 4 ohm total load. These 11J4 speakers were manufactured by Oxford Speaker of Chicago IL.

Preamp and Controls
The preamp circuitry was contributed by the V1083 Berkeley III amp head. The Scorpion had two channels, each with volume, bass, and treble controls. The first channel also had reverb and tremolo. A two button foot switch for external control of reverb and tremolo was included.

Unlike the V1083 Berkeley III, the Scorpion did not include MRB.

Power Amplifier
The power amplifier was the 60 watt RMS module from the Royal Guardsman and V1181 Westminster Bass. The power amp was mounted to the bottom of the amplifier cabinet.

The V116 Vox Scorpion retailed for $529 in 1968. Adjusted for inflation, the 2010 retail price of the Scorpion would be $3,369.00.

V116 Vox Scorpion Amplifier
Output Power 60 watts RMS, 120 watts peak
Channel One Two inputs, one volume, one bass, one treble, reverb, tremolo speed, tremolo depth
Channel Two Two inputs, one volume, one bass, one treble.
Speakers Four Vox/Oxford Gold 10" speakers with ceramic magnets
Size (Speaker Cabinet) 31" H x 27" W x 11.5" D
Accessories casters, cover, two button foot pedal.

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