The V116 Vox Scorpion Amplifier - A Look "Under the Hood"

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V116 Vox Scorpion Amplifier - The V116 Vox Scorpion amp debuted in the 1968
US Thomas/Vox "Sound that Travels with the Stars" catalog. It remained in Vox catalogs and price lists until Thomas Organ liquidated their Vox inventory in 1971.

A "Mash Up" of Parts From Other Vox Amplifiers
The V116 Vox Scorpion was a "mash up" of components from other Thomas Organ/Vox amplifiers. The Scorpion shared outside cabinet dimensions with the V4131 Royal Guardsman speaker enclosure. The 60 watt RMS power amplifier module was also contributed by the Royal Guardsman. The two channel preamp section and control panel were almost identical to the V1083 Berkeley III preamp and control section. The "flip up" side handles were sourced from the Essex Bass parts bin.

25-5319-2A Preamp Circuit Board
In 1965, Thomas Organ developed a single channel preamp printed circuit board (PCB) with the part number 25-5274-2 for use in all of their earliest small to medium sized solid state Vox amplifiers, such as the Pathfinder, Pacemaker, Cambridge Reverb and Berkeley II.

By mid 1967, Thomas designed an improved dual channel version of this PCB, part number 25-5319-2A (see illustration above). This board would be included in the Berkeley III and Scorpion amps plus the Satellite, Galaxie and Orbiter powered music stands.

Thomas Organ combined the 25-5319-2A preamp PCB with a power amp onto a single chassis and installed it into the Vox Berkeley III and the Vox Satellite, Galaxie and Orbiter music stands. However, Thomas Organ separated the preamp and power amp stages into two modules for the Vox Scorpion. The preamp and power amp modules were interconnected by cables and multi pin plugs, as seen at right.

The 60 watt power amp module installed on the inside bottom of the Scorpion was originally designed for the Vox Royal Guardsman (see chassis below).

The Scorpion featured four 10 inch "Gold Bulldog" speakers made for Thomas Organ by Oxford Speaker of Chicago IL. A label on the speaker identified the Oxford part number of 11J4. It was capable of handling about 20 watts peak power and had a 4 ohm impedance. The speakers had a 10 ounce ceramic magnet and 1" voice coil. The four speakers were wired in series/parallel, yielding a 4 ohm total load to the amplifier.

Thomas Organ added a black plastic magnet cover to an 8 ohm version of this speaker when they installed it into many Pacemaker and Cambridge Reverb amplifiers.

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