The V836 Vox Booster Amplifier

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V836 Booster Amplifier - The Vox V836 Booster Amplifier was introduced in the 1967 "Vox - The Sound at the Top" catalog from Thomas Organ. This 1967 catalog offering described the V836 Booster Amplifier as follows: "Designed to be used with the Vox Churchill P.A. System to add an additional 240 watts of output power. May be used in multiples." The 1968 Thomas/Vox accessory catalog claimed "If suitable connections were made, the Vox Booster Amplifier could supplement the output of a Vox Beatle Deluxe."

The Vox V836 Booster Amplifier included the 120 watt power amp module, speaker impedance matching transformer and cabinet from the V119 Vox Churchill, making it essentially a Churchill P.A. amplifier less the front panel mounted six channel mixer section. A simple control panel with an input jack, volume control, red indicator lamp, power switch and fuse holder was mounted to the lower front of the cabinet. A front mounted panel covered with Vox grill filled the balance of the space where the six channel Churchill mixer panel would normally reside.

Speaker Connections
Like the V119 Churchill P.A., the V836 Booster Amplifier utilized a speaker impedance matching transformer. This transformer allowed the Booster Amplifier to be connected to various types of speaker loads.

The speaker connection panel was located at the rear of the Booster Amplifier. Terminals were provided for 2, 4, 8 and 16 ohm speaker connections. A jumper wire joined the output from these screw terminals to four XLR "speaker out" jacks, wired together in parallel pairs. The two pairs of speaker jacks were then wired to "SPKRS" switch located below the terminal block. The SPKRS switch could then be set to connect the parallel pairs of jacks in either series or parallel.

Input Connections
A standard, mono 1/4" guitar cord connected the front panel input jack of the V836 Booster Amplifier to the "Booster" output jack on the rear panel of the Vox Churchill P.A. As the Booster Amplifier also included a rear panel mounted "Booster" output jack, additional Booster Amplifiers could be daisy chained to increase the total wattage of a PA system.

While Vox made the claim that "if suitable connections were made" the V836 Booster Amplifier could be connected to a Beatle Deluxe amplifier, they offered no guidance how this might be accomplished. An additional audio line out jack would need to be added to the V1143 Beatle Deluxe head to send a signal to the input of the V836 Booster Amplifier. Adding a second line out jack to the V1143 Beatle would require an extensive modification to the preamp chassis of the amplifier.

Combining the V836 Power Booster with a V1143 Beatle head would not create a single amplifier rated at 480 watts peak. It would rather add a second 240 watt peak "slave" amplifier to the V1143 Beatle that would power a second set of speakers.

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