The Westminster "Hand Truck" Trolley Cart
Thomas Organ developed this hand truck style trolley for the Westminster Bass amp. It was constructed from 7/8" OD seamless steel tubing by Technibilt, a Los Angeles area shopping cart manufacturer.

The single 18" speaker enclosure rested on the bottom two tubes of the trolley. The speaker enclosure was not fastened to the trolley, it was merely held in place by gravity.

The amp head rested on the two parallel tubes at the top of the stand. Thomas Organ provided a removable "head security clamp" to attach the head to the trolley. See this part in detail below.

Two 6" wheels were mounted to axles in the rear of the trolley and secured by cotter pins.

The seams in the trolley were brazed, not welded. For this reason, one should not try to strip and rechrome one of these stands. The brazing will dissolve in the stripping acid, leaving a pile of loose tubes in the bottom of the acid bath.

 A 16 gauge stamped steel "head security clamp" was an included accessory with the Westminster amp head. This clamp secured the amp head to the chrome roller trolley. The clamp was plated with a black zinc finish, the 10/24 wingbolt had silver zinc plating.

A threaded "T" nut inside the amp head received the wingbolt.

North Coast Music has developed a perfect recreation of this amp head security clamp and offers it for sale in their web site. Click here to go to the North Coast Music web page that offers this head clamp.

North Coast Music manufactures many replacement and restoration

parts for the Westminster under license from Vox. These parts are
available exclusively at North Coast Music. Some are shown below.


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