Vox V8161 Deluxe Distortion Booster
1966 - 1968

The original Vox V8161 "Deluxe Distortion Booster" schematic and parts list is provided below for those interested in building their own Distortion Booster circuit.

Parts List - V8161 Vox Distortion Booster
R1 - 10k ohm, ½ watt
R2 - 150k ohm, ½ watt
R3 - 22k ohm, ½ watt
R4 - 1k ohm, ½ watt
R5 - 4.7k ohm, ½ watt
R6 - 6.8k ohm, ½ watt
R7 - 50k ohm pot, ½ watt
R8 - 220 ohm, ½ watt
C1 - 0.1 uf 3V
C2 - 330 pf 50 volt
C3 - 10 uf 25 V electro
C4 - 330 pf 50 volt
C5 - 0.02 uf 50 volt
C6 - 10 uf 25 V electro
Q1 - "Yellow" Dot Transistor
Q2 - "Yellow" Dot Transistor

North Coast Music offers the "Yellow Dot" Transistor for the V8161 Vox Distortion Booster

"Yellow Dot" Vox NPN transistor


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