Vox Promotional Illuminated "Motion Graphics" Wall Sign and Clock

Long-term Vox Showroom contributor Kenny Howes sent in this video of a 1960s era "motion" sign provided by Thomas Organ to their Vox dealers in the United States.

Thomas Organ apparently produced three similar versions of this sign. The version shown in the video above utilized a backlit illuminated rotating wheel that interacted with a masked front panel to simulate the appearance of "fireflies" around a Vox amplifier and guitar. The Miller Brewing Company of Milwaukee WI produced a similar illuminated sign to promote their "Miller High Life" beer in bars and restaurants during the early 1960s.

A second version (shown at upper left), featured a color wheel. Rather than creating the "firefly" efect, the color wheel encircled the image of the amp and guitar with patterns of lines that displayed different hues as the color wheel spun behind the front panel.

A third version of the illuminated Vox dealer sign (shown at lower left) featured a clock instead of the motion graphics.


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