Vox Concert 100 Amplifier - "A Look Under the Hood" - 1987

Designed in 1987 by Ken Flegg, former senior electronics technician for Marshall Amplification plc, the Vox Concert 100 head bears many similarities to a 100 watt Marshall tube head. The Concert 100 chassis was in fact produced for the Vox division of Rose Morris by Flegg Electronics, owned by Ken Flegg himself.

The seven tube circuit incorporated three ECC83 (12AX7) tubes in the preamp section and four EL-34 tubes in the power stage. V1, an ECC83, provided two initial gain stages. V2, also an ECC83 tube, drove the tone control stack. A third ECC83 tube, V3, served as a phase inverter. A quad of EL-34 tubes (V4 through V7) powered the 100 watt output stage.

While all of the tube sockets were neatly hand wired and mounted to the anodized steel chassis for proper heat dissapation, the preamp circuits were incorporated onto a PC board.

The head and speaker cabinet cabinetry was produced by Rose Morris in their cabinet shop located in the Kentish Town area of NW London. The sides and back panels of these cabinets were particle board, the speaker panels were plywood. The cabs were covered in elephant grain vinyl and Vox diamond grill cloth. They also had plastic corners and recessed side handles. After a nearly ten year hiatus, Celestion speakers were again included in a Vox amp with the introduction of the Concert 100.

Official Factory Schematic for the Vox Concert 100 Head


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