The Dynamic Bass
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The Dynamic Bass

The Dynamic Bass is the bass counterpart to The Conqueror. It had the same output section as the Conqueror. The pre-amp section was similar to the Conqueror's pre-amp in its basic look. This preamp was altered to support bass features which included a Tone-X control borrowed from the US VOX Thomas Organ designed amplifiers. The Speaker cabinet was a closed back design and featured a 15" Goodmans Audiom speaker.

This amplifier, or possibly its bigger solid state brother The Foundation Bass, was used by Paul McCartney circa 1966-67. As shown in Mark Lewisohn's Beatles Recordings book, clearly Paul is using one of the above mentioned amplifiers at the EMI studio during this time.

Output Power 30 Watts (Solid State)
Channel One (Normal) Two inputs,
One volume,
One treble,
One bass,
MRB On-Off Switch,
MRB Selector; 1-2-3,
Channel Two (Bass) Two inputs,
One volume,
Speaker(s) One (1) 15" Speaker.
Size (Head) 10" H x 24" W x 9.5" D
Size (Speaker Cabinet) 27" H x 23.75" W x 17" D
Accessories Covers, Chrome Trolley and Foot Pedal.


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