Celestion/Vox 7724 10" Speakers with JMI Vox Stickers

In the fall of 1964, Thomas Organ became the North American distributor of Vox amplifiers from JMI (Jennings) in England. Shipments from JMI to Thomas Organ in Sepulveda California started soon after. However, complications arising from the high costs of shipping and importation along with supply issues were problematic for Thomas.

About one year after the original distribution agreement was signed, Thomas Organ offered JMI a one time $1,000,000 payment to secure the manufacturing and licensing rights for Vox in North America. With this new agreement in place, shipments of British made JMI Vox gear to America ground to a halt. Vox amps sold in North America would now be designed and built in Sepulveda CA.

In it's initial offerings for the North American marketplace, Thomas Organ did a fair job of maintaining at least some of the DNA of their British counterparts. The first four guitar amplifiers produced by Thomas Organ (the V-1 Pathfinder, V-2 Pacemaker, V-3 Cambridge Reverb and V-8 Berkeley Super Reverb) all featured a hand-wired, all-tube circuit design utilizing a cathode biased/no negative feedback EL-84 output stage, similar to the UK models they were replacing.

To further maintain the British DNA of their amps, Thomas Organ imported UK made Celestion speakers for their American made Vox amplifiers. The V-2 Pacemaker, V-3 Cambridge Reverb and V-8 Berkeley Super Reverb were all equipped with 10" Celestion 7724 speakers, as shown above.

The 10" Celestion 7724 speaker was a popular speaker choice for both JMI Vox and Marshall in the 1960s. The 7724 had a ceramic magnet fastened to an unpainted steel frame with three flathead screws. A blue and silver Vox speaker sticker was applied to the back of the magnet plate. The 7724 featured an eight rib "NIB" cone and a 1" voice coil rated at 8 ohms. The terminal lugs were mounted to a trapezoidally shaped piece of fiberboard riveted to the speaker frame. The maximum power handling capacity was ~15 watts. A 16 ohm version, the 7742, was also offered by Celestion but not incorporated by Thomas Organ.

The Celestion 7724 was replaced with a 10" "Gold Bulldog" speaker made by Oxford Speaker of Chicago IL in later production as a cost saving measure.


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