Royal Guardsman Chrome Plated Tubular Steel Swivel Trolley

The Royal Guardsman swivel trolley was the only stand produced by Thomas Organ in the 1960's that was not a copy of a British Vox design.

The tubular stand has three sections. Two of these assemblies are identical and are the left and right "lower side stands." These parts include the swivel cabinet mounts and casters. The bent tubes used in the fabrication of the Royal Guardsman lower side stands are identical to the bent tubes used in the base of an AC-100/Super Beatle swivel trolley.

The third section is called the "upper trolley" and rises from the lower side stands to support the Royal Guardsman amp head.

North Coast Music manufactures many replacement and restoration

parts for the Royal Guardsman under license from Vox. These parts are
available exclusively at North Coast Music. Some are shown below.


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