Vox Pathfinder - Vinyl Coverings
The earliest production of the tube version of the Thomas Pathfinder was covered in this pebbled grain vinyl. This vinyl was somewhat reminiscent of the "basket weave" vinyl used by Vox in the UK. I have only seen this style vinyl used on Vox V-1 Pathfinder, V-2 Pacemaker, V-3 Cambridge Reverb, and Student tube amplifiers.
Most Thomas Vox amps were covered in the vinyl shown at left. Some refer to this pattern of grain as "Tolex," but that is not correct. Tolex was actually the brand name of a series of vinyl products made by the General Tire Company.

The vinyl pattern shown at left is called "levant" grain. Both Fender and US Vox amps were covered in levant grain vinyl. Fender bought their levant grained Tolex from General Tire in Toledo, Ohio. Thomas Vox bought their levant grain vinyl from the Joanna Western Mills in Chicago.


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