The Vox Winchester Guitar

Pete Quaife of the Kinks and
a Vox Winchester Guitar (1967)
Photo courtesy of Martin Kelly
Dick Denney at the 1967 UK Music
Trade Show with a Vox Winchester Guitar
Photo courtesy of Martin Kelly

A Modern Steinberger Bass Guitar
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Ned Steinberger produced the body and neck of his first Steinberger guitar in 1979 from a composite of graphite and carbon fibers. It was similar in appearance to the modern Steinberger guitar pictured at left. The neck had no head stock and the body was slim and nearly rectangular in shape.

Named after a famous rifle, the Vox Winchester guitar and bass were produced in limited numbers in 1967. Like a Steinberger, the body of the Vox Winchester guitar was slim and nearly rectangular. A closer look reveals that the body of the Vox Winchester guitar was the slightly modified case from a Vox Wah pedal. The top of the guitar was actually the bottom plate of the wah case. The Winchester guitar featured two single pole Vox V.II pickups. The head stock of the Vox Winchester guitars shown above have the traditional Vox "paddle" shape.

In addition to the Vox Winchester guitar, Vox also planned to produce two other six string models that included internal effects, the Repeater and Bushwhacker. Vox also designed a Winchester bass (see photos at right).

I was unable to find any mention of the Vox Winchester guitar in Vox catalogs and price lists from the period, further suggesting that production was quite limited. Several sources have suggested that no more than about twelve Winchester guitars and several Winchester basses were made.

The Vox Showroom was recently made aware that a number of suspicious, and possibly counterfeited Vox Winchester guitars have surfaced on eBay in recent years. We suggest a close examination of the genuine Vox Winchester guitars and basses shown on this page prior to purchase.

Many thanks to Martin Kelley, author of the soon to be released book, "Vox Guitars - The JMI Years," for the photos of the Vox Winchester guitars and basses featured on this page.


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