Vox V419 Winston PA Enclosure (1967-68)

A Pair of Vox V419 Winston Enclosures

1968 Catalog Image of a V419 Winston w/Rolling Cart

JBL 2310 Folded Plate Acoustic Lens
JBL 375 2" High Frequency Driver
JBL 5039 Exponential Horn

Custom Design for Vox - JBL D130/V90 Loudspeaker

Thomas Organ entered into a relationship with JBL Incorporated in 1967 that led to the optional factory installation of JBL D-120 speakers in V1143J Beatle Deluxe and V1133J Royal Guardsman amplifiers. It also led to the development of a high end, two-way PA enclosure named the V419 Vox Winston.

While the bass section of the Vox Winston was driven by two 16Ω JBL/Vox 15" D130/V90 speakers, the real star of the show was the trio of JBL components that powered the treble frequencies.

The JBL 375 mid/high frequency driver was unique in that it featured a large, two inch (5cm) throat exit and a four inch voice coil with edge wound aluminum ribbon wire. This allowed the 375 driver to offer the rare combination of unparalleled output and low distortion.

The 375 driver was mated to a JBL 5039 exponential horn that had a narrowly focused 60˚ H by 45˚ V "long throw" HF dispersion pattern. A removable JBL 2310 folded high frequency lens, mounted to the front of the 5039 horn with two thumb screws, increased the horizontal HF dispersion to 100˚ while decreasing "throw."

A JBL N1200 Frequency Dividing Network, mounted to the rear panel of the V419 Winston, provided a 1200hz crossover point between the 15" woofers and the mid/high frequency section.

JBL N1200 Frequency Dividing Network

Exploded View, Trolley Detail and Schematic From the V419 Vox Winston Service Manual (1967)

Vox V419 Winston PA Enclosure - Specifications
Cabinet Size: 40" x 27" x 18" (~9 cubic feet)
Cabinet Design: two-way with a bass reflex enclosure
Cabinet Material: particle board
Cabinet Finish: black vinyl, Vox diamond grill cloth
Estimated Power Rating: 200 watts RMS
Total Cabinet Impedance:
Approximate Weight: 175 pounds with roller cart
MSRP (1968): $1500 each

Woofers: 2-15" JBL D130F labeled as D130/V90
Frame: cast aluminum
Woofer Voice Coil: 4" edge wound aluminum ribbon, 16Ω
Woofer Voice Coil Dome: 4" stamped aluminum
Woofer Cone Style: shallow curvilinear
Woofer Power Handling: 60 watts RMS
Woofer Magnetic Structure: Alnico V, eleven pounds

HF Driver: JBL 375
HF Voice Coil: 4" edge wound aluminum ribbon, 16Ω
HF Dome: 4" stamped aluminum
HF Driver Power Handling: 60 watts program
HF Driver Throat Size: 2 inch
HF Driver Dimensions: ~7" (diameter) x ~5" (depth)
HF Driver Magnetic Structure: Alnico V, ~24 pounds

HF Horn: JBL H5039
HF Horn Dimensions: 12½" wide x 7½" tall x 12" deep
HF Flare Rate: exponential, ~60˚ x ~45˚, 2" throat

Folded Plate Acoustic Lens: JBL 2310
Lens Dispersion: 100˚H x 45˚V
Lens Dimensions: 19⅞" wide x 7" tall x 4⅝" deep
Number of Lens Elements: 13

Crossover Network: JBL N1200
Crossover Frequency: 1200 hz @12 db/oct
HF Attenuator Control:

Three Position Rotary Control


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