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JMI VOX Product Catalogs
Price Lists and Promotional Literature....1956 - 1971

1965 JMI Vox Trade Show Flyer Introducing New Products

New Products in this flyer:
Super Continental Organ
Guitar Organ
Escort Solid Body Guitar
Mando Guitar
UL Series Amps
Vox Electronic Accordian
1967 JMI Vox Sales Flyer that proposes the benefits of solid state circuitry in Vox guitar amplifiers
1967 JMI Vox Guitar Catalog
JMI Vox Guitars with Built In Effects 1967-68
1967 JMI Vox Price List
July 1967 Royston "Beacon" - Journal of the Royston Group of Companies

This edition applauds the success of JMI Vox, now a subsidiary of the Royston Group of Companies
1967 JMI Vox "It's What's Happening" Magazine Ad
1967 JMI Vox "Turn on 47,762 Vox Sound Permutations" Magazine Ad
1967 JMI Vox "It's What's Happening to Scene '67" Magazine Ad
"Progressive Sound '67" JMI Vox Magazine Ad Featuring the Monkees
German 1967 JMI Vox Amp, Guitar and Organ Catalog

Tube AC Series amps, Hybrid UL amps, and Solid State amps - this German dealer catalog has them all!

1969 "The Guv'nors" Sales Flyer for Vox amplifiers:

AC-30, Conqueror, Defiant, Supreme, Dynamic Bass, Foundation Bass and Super Foundation Bass
1969 "Giant Sounds Sales Flyer for Vox Guitars

Vox V.G. Jumbo, Vox Folk 12, Vox Folk 12 Electric, Vox Six String Country and Western, Vox Six String Country and Western Electric V, V.G.6, Lynx, Bulldog, V.G.12, V.G.4 and Cougar Bass

UK VOX Product Catalogs
Dallas Ownership Era
1973 - 1978
1974/75 Vox Product "Red" Catalog - Dallas Arbiter Ownership Era

New Products
in this catalog:
Hand Wired AC-30 Combos

Hand Wired AC-50 heads
Escort Battery Amp
Vox Electronic Piano
1976 Vox Product "Blue" Catalog - Dallas Arbiter Ownership Era

New Products
in this catalog:
AC120 Combo Amp

Escort 30 Amp
GE6 Graphic EQ
1977 Vox Product "Green" Catalog - Dallas Arbiter Ownership Era

New Products
in this catalog:
Vox Concord Organ (walnut)
Vox AC30SS (solid state AC-30)
1978 Vox Product Flyers- Dallas Arbiter Ownership Era

New Product
in these flyers:
FB215 (T100 style) Cabinet

UK VOX Product Catalogs
Rose Morris Ownership Era
1979 - 1992

VOX Product Catalogs
and Promotional Literature
Korg Era: 1994 - 2010

Summer 2004 Product Catalog, Published
by Korg USA
Vox introduces the AD50VT amp and the Orientally made Custom Classic Series that replace the AC15TB, AC15TBX, AC30TB and AC30TBX
2007 Vox 50th Anniversary Product Catalog - Vol. 9

Vox celebrates its 50th Anniverary (1957 - 2007) with this 40 page product catalog. The catalog also features a brief history of Vox

2008 Vox Product Catalog
Vol. 10

Introduces new AC-30 hand wired amps to the Vox Heritage Series and also debuts the short lived Valvetronix "Extreme" Black Chrome Series.

2009 Vox Product Catalog
Vol. 11

Introduces Virage Guitars, VT series amps, Jamvox, Satriano Satchurator pedals, Amplugs, AC4TV, AC4TVH, V112TV, and Night Train series amps and cabs.

2010 Vox Product Catalog - Vol. 12
Introduces the Custom Series AC15C1, AC30C2 and AC30C2X amps along with the Vox 33/55/77 Series Guitars.

2011 Vox Product Catalog - Vol. 16
Introduces the AC15VR, AC30VR, Valvetronix VT Plus amps plus the Virage 2 and 22 Series Guitars.

2012 UK Vox Product Catalog - Vol. 18
Introduces the Apache Series guitars, limited edition AC30C2 and AC15C1 amps in blue vinyl and the Jamvox III.

US VOX Product Catalogs, Price Lists and Print Ads
1965 - 1971

1969 Sales Flyer Introducing the Beatle Power Stak, Westminster Bass Power Stak, and the Berkeley PA system

VOX Home Organs by
Thomas International
Corporation - 1978

EKO Guitar and Amplifier Product Catalog - 1967

Jennings Electronic Developments (JED) and Jennings Electronic Industries (JEI) Product Catalogs and Promotional Literature
1969 - 1972

Vox New Product Bulletins
2009 - 2019

2013 - Vox AC30C2, AC15C1 and AC4C1 Limited Edition Amps in Purple or Cream Vinyl
2013 - Vox AC15C1X with Celestion Blue Alnico Speaker
2013 - Vox Night Train G2 Amp Series
2013 - Vox Mini3G2
2013 - Vox Mini5 Rhythm
2013 - Vox Mini5 Rhythm Classic and Ivory
2013 - Vox MKIII and MkV Guitars
2014 - Vox MKIII and MkV Basses
2014 - Vox TV Front "Two Tone" AC30C2-TV-BC, AC15C1-TV-BC and AC4C1-TV-BC Amps
2014 - AC15C1-V-RD Limited Edition Amp
2014 - Lil' Night Train Limited Gold Set
2014 - Vox Soundbox Mini Battery/AC Amp
2015 - Vox AC30C2-RD and AC4C1-RD In Limited Edition Red Vinyl
2015 - Vox AC10C1
2015 - Vox
VT20+ Classic
2015 - Vox
VT20X, VT40X and VT100X Valvetronix Amps
2015 - Vox
VXI and VXII Amps
2015 - Vox
Cliptune Guitar Tuner
2016 - Vox
AC30CH and AC15CH Heads and V212C Cabinet
2016 - Vox
AC15C1-TN, AC10C1-TN  and AC4C1-12-TN  Amps in Limited Edition Tan Vinyl
2016 - Vox
AC30C2, AC15C1, AC10C1 and AC4C1 Amps in Limited Edition British Racing Green Vinyl
2016 - Vox
VT20X and VT40X in British Racing Green Vinyl
2016 - Vox
AV Series (AV15, AV30 and AV60) Amps
2016 - Vox
Starstream Modeling Guitars
2017 - Vox
AC30C2, AC30CH, AC15C1, AC15CH, AC10C1 & AC4C112 Amps in Limited Edition White Bronco Vinyl
2017 - Vox
MV50 Clean, AC and Rock Amplifier Heads
2017 - Vox
Continental Keyboard
2017 - Vox
AC15HW60 & AC30HW60 Amplifiers - Hand Wired in the UK
2017 - Vox
BC108 and BC112 Cabs for MV50 Heads
2017 - Vox
Adio GT and Adio BS 50 watt AC/Battery Powered Amplifiers
2017 - Vox
Mini AC30 Stereo Radio and Portable Speaker
2018 - Vox
MVX150H Head and MVX150C1 Combo Amplifier
2018 - Vox
Mini Super Beetle Amp
2018 - Vox AC10VS
2018 - Vox AC30S1
2018 - Vox
Cream Limited Edition Amplifiers
2018 - Vox
Continental Harmonicas
2019 - Vox
AC15C1-G12C and AC15HW1-G12C Amps with 12" Warehouse Speakers
2019 - Vox
VX15 GT Amplifier
2019 - Vox
VX50 GTV Amplifier
2019 - Vox
Mini Superbeetle Union Jack Ltd. Edition


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